About project
About project

Developing Master programs in Mobile Applications and Game Design at partner universities.

The wider project objective
is to enhance the quality of IT education and employability of the IT graduates of RU and AZ universities through introducing the-state-of-the art Master program in line with Bologna provisions.

Specific project objectives:

  • To develop a new interdisciplinary high-quality multi-track Master program in Mobile applications and
  • Game design in line with Bologna provisions and while adapting the EU best practice;
  • To upgrade the teaching staff skills in T&L;
  • To set up student labs.

During the project lifetime, the following tasks will be tackled:
  • Identifying key competences of future graduates through a survey of IT companies;
  • writing learning outcomes for the program as a whole and for specific outcomes;
  • developing Master curricula on module basis;
  • Training partner teachers in the-state-of-the art T&A methods;
  • developing modules and courses including courses in English;
  • updating current courses in terms of T&A methods and content;
  • introducing the – state-of-the art T&A methods and QA mechanisms;
  • Setting up new units -student design labs- at partner universities aimed at providing practical training for students engaged in the program and developing IT projects.;
  • training lab staff- trainers- in entrepreneurship skills;
  • training students in entrepreneurship skills through workshops and online courses;
  • conducting two international summer schools;
  • implementing mobility schemes between partner universities and the EU universities and partner members;
  • Providing internship placements for students.
  • Providing training for a wider circle of teachers on T&L methods through a comprehensive online
  • package of T&L resources and training workshops.

 At the end of the project, it is expected that:

Teachers and students in PCs will be aware of MAGnUS objectives, activities and outcomes and become committed to this process; teachers will get new skills in T&L to guide the smooth running of Master programs; students will acquire unique professional skills and get an opportunity to study abroad within exchange programs and skills to launch their own start -ups. Students will enhance their intercultural skills though working in joint international project teams. The employers will get graduates with required competences.

During the project lifetime, the main target groups –teachers and students - will be reached through their direct involvement into project activities – workshops, trainings, program delivery, summer schools, joint project teams- and via online instruments and special dissemination and promotion events- national workshops and the final conference.

The curricula of all partner universities will be enriched with new state-of-the art Master programs developed in accordance with the Bologna provisions while adapting the best EU practice. The enrolled students will be trained with the help of the advanced T&A methods. They will acquire skills in high demand at labour market. They will also get an opportunity to widen their cultural and academic horizon during participation in mobility programs. The students will also be trained in entrepreneurship skills and will be able to transfer their projects into start- ups. The university teachers will immensely enhance their qualification level by taking part at training sessions both abroad and at home, by studying the best EU practice and applying it for developing modules, methods and QA mechanisms. The teachers will widen their international ties and will benefit academically by taking part in new networking events. They will also improve their language skills during communication with international partners. The business associated partners and universities will form strong links thus enriching mutual performance. Overall impact at local level is a considerable enhancement of quality of education and of strengthened relationship with business partners.