Master's Program
Master Program
Master's Program in Mobile Applications and Computer Games

The curriculum will include 6 modules and work on a master's thesis:
  1. Mathematics for mobile applications and computer games (common for 2 tracks) 15ECTS.
  2. Programming in mobile applications and computer games (common for 2 tracks) 15 ECTS.
  3. Interdisciplinary 15 ECTS.
  4. Professional (for each track) 20 ECTS.
  5. Practice -10 ECTS.
  6. Research - 15 ECTS. The module will be implemented in the format of a research seminar and projects.
Parts of the first two modules will include upgraded courses already taught in other ICT programs. Modernization will follow the path of updating the content and introducing new teaching methods. 39 new courses will be developed as part of the professional and interdisciplinary modules.

The program will be based on an interdisciplinary principle: disciplines from other fields of science will be included in the curriculum: mathematics, economics, design, engineering, psychology, philology, law. Teaching will be based project training. Various pedagogical techniques will provide an interactive environment close to reality: case studies, simulations, role-playing games, demonstrations and presentations, brainstorming and teamwork will be used. Job.