The Influence of the Corona Virus on the Realisation of the MAGnUS project
We all have to pass under the yoke of the Corona virus and the MAgnUS project and its partners is no exception.

From the first week of March until today the working situation has not been the same for all partners of the MAGnUS project as during normal health conditions and it is still not possible to see the end of the spread of this virus and its consequences. Most of MAGnUS colleagues are locked out from their ordinary working places at the university. And unfortunately, some of them have not full access to Internet and other ICT facilities at home, a fact that has hampered their performance in the project and will continue do so during the coming months. Everything has gone down to a lower tempo leading to some delay in the accomplishment of the different WPs according to the initial schedule.

In the current situation priority has been given to the design of the MSc programmes at the different partner institutions in order to guarantee student admission to the new programmes during the autumn semester 2020.

In the light of the present circumstances we have to accept good enough and not perfection. During the run of the coming academic year there is time to improve and develop what remains making the programmes much better and interesting for the second cohort of students.

The project is struggling with the consequences from the spread of the Corona virus but being in good spirits that everything will be sorted out, if not before but when the Corona crises is over. It might be difficult to meet all deadlines in the application or deliver all deliverables foreseen until now but we have concentrated on what has to be done in order to keep the project on track as to the main issues – to develop, launch and start new MSc programmes at six universities during 2020 If and when life is back into normal again we can catch up with what has been forced to wait due to the covid-19 in the participating countries.